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The Adventures of Kai and the Magical Machines

Story and Pictures by Verlena L. Johnson

Book Description


Kai thought the machines in Grandpa Gerald’s workshop yard were magical!  The mechanisms spun, swiveled, swirled, twisted and turned.  The lights flickered and flashed, and the parts popped, wheezed and whistled.  This is the story about how the love of a grandfather for his grandson motivated a little green robot to build magical machines


The Adventures of Kai and the Magical Machines is a tender story about the friendship between a little boy, Kai, and his grandfather Gerald, but it is also about the value of science, imagination and play.  The story begins with Kai’s fear that his grandfather, a retired aerospace engineer, will replace him with his newly built robot, Remi.


However, Kai soon discovers that Remi can teach him a thing or two about love using magic, machines and sounds, both

magnificent and musical.


This delightful story written and illustrated by Verlena L. Johnson uses whimsical pictures to celebrate the friendship between a boy and his grandpa,and the power of love.

Pages from the Book

Kai and Grandfather in the shop building a robot. 

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Kai and the robot Remi exploring the magical machines.

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