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Author / Illustrator Interview

Thinktech Hawaii Interview

 "Perspectives on Global Justice" with Beatriz Cantemo, 11/30/18

 In her introduction, Beatriz states,  "On today's episode of perspectives on global justice, guests Verlena Johnson, and possibly her kindhearted - science- and math-loving 9 year old son Kai (if he chooses to join his mommy) will share with our viewers glimpses of their magical adventures about book writing and this book's marvelous story, parenting, family, African American and Native American joy and pride, dreams, love, and how some dreams can and must come true. The power of a vision, aligned with perseverance, flexibility, and determination influences our lives and it helps shape our world and the world around us. The host for this episode is Beatriz Cantelmo. The guest for this episode is Verlena Johnson."


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